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MXMTOON - Dawn & Dusk: Review

Pop has had many various sub-genres based upon style or delivery. The latter is the case for ones like “soundcloud rap” or “bedroom-pop.” Many have come and gone in popularity within these sub groups, but the very few keep growing, getting better, and still be an overwhelming warm presence everywhere they are. MXMTOON is just that and her new release Dusk EP is on my radar and you should consider putting it on yours, along with her previous works.

The personification of her work is akin to a subject artists tend to deviate from at a time. Through her years making music to now, as a 20 year old, have written the music like a diary. She sings about the angst and emotions a teenager goes through in life. “Prom Dress,” the song that brought her to a new pedestal, highlights that as tune about the distress of body image and the inner doubt amongst them all before another marker is placed on our timeline.

Dawn continued that trend, while dismantling her wall and let it all out. In a way, Dawn is like the path less traveled in Robert Frost’s poem, while Dusk is the worn and used path. The former contextually brings out themes more prevalent to the outspoken, like having space and doing stuff that normally takes you away from the reality in front of you. Like on her song “Bon Iver,” or on “Asking for a friend,” where she tries to shelve her feelings by using a mask.

Dawn’s ambitious writing around the idea of coming to grips with these multitude of feelings and be more direct. Like on “Lessons” where she brings to light faults and the lessons one can learn. In many ways the uplifting riffs and melodies brings out that light, which Dawn doesn’t do, but it’s to keep a consistent theme in the sounds. “Myrtle ave.” on Dusk soft and tender percussion aligned with the moody hmms and harmonies makes it one of the definitive highlights due to her focus of carefully crafting the right sound.

The contrasting nature of it makes it hard to decipher which one is liked more, because the replicated mood and quality is all there. Although not a monumental popstar, MXMTOON doesn’t sit back and make things for gen-pop and for the fans and the love of music. “Fever Dream,” instrumental with her vocalizations shows how much fun she takes in making this range of pop music. You could also see that same glee in music making on her post on Instagram regarding the acquisition of Carly Rae Jepsen for a feature, along with the live video they did not too long back.

The two EPs combine for a double album that have eloquent contrasting connectivity by showing how a person’s mood can change by the nature around. In this case she uses day and night to replicate many themes without it feeling hokey and poorly written. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out her music it is highly recommended.

Dawn EP: 8/10

Dusk EP: 8.5/10

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