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Kacy Hill - Is It Selfish If We Talk About Me Again: Review

After a debut so odd to Kacy Hill's strengths that it couldn’t sustain consistent imagery, she still made it work. And now that she has left GOOD Music and can explore her creative liberties, her sophomore release was a huge surprise. Is It Selfish If We Talk About Me Again delivers moody and progressive music that is devoid of that pragmatic big label producer. AKA not everyone can properly deliver over a DJ Mustard beat.

On Is It Selfish If We Talk About Me Again, Francis & The Lights handles a chunk of the production and it shows. His atmospheric - ambiguity keeps intrigue without being circuitous in sound. It has a beautiful cadence to it. The balance of electronic-pop and trip hop that never dissuades its themes of self worth and hope, amongst others.

Kacy Hill has this magnetic and calming voice that oozes an atmospheric bravado. Attune to her range and style she only improves on the glimpses shown on “90210,” with Travis Scott and her debut Like A Woman. She brings her all on this new project, weaving multiple standouts like “Much Higher” and “I Believe In You” featuring Frances and The Lights.

Kacy Hill’s range fits her vocal modes with luminescent styles. It is like she has these unique takes on certain archetypes like when she goes into the realm of ballads. She doesn’t have the prototypical ballads that are like a three act story structure, but instead takes every other element. The virtuoso escalation in pitch for the choruses and the slowed tempo. Like the dreamy sounding “Porsche,” or the percussion heavy “To Someone Else,” it’s crazy the amount of talent that was held back.

Is It Selfish If We Talk About Me Again melancholic drive is the home run hitter from start to near finish. The second half doesn’t expand beyond into real creative territory. Could be the production is primarily handled by Francis & The Lights, but it doesn’t have these unique multi-faceted layers that bring the oomph. The slow tempo instrumentals don’t have that oomph like on “Six.” But it doesn't drive the album down a rabbit hole.

Kacy Hill has really revitalized her sound and weaved a perfect blend of electronic and pop music with her sophomore album. The moments that shine truly bring out the best in her artistry and the small moments that are pure duds, don’t overshadow and become simple nitpicks.


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