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Great Disney - Songs Covers

Through the years Disney has made a plethora of animated musicals; and they have gotten great artists for their non-musicals. They have made these transcendent numbers and songs that have lived have resonance and relevance to this day. You can't forget the height of the popularity chain amongst these animated studios. And thus have been a part of many go to for many artists who have had the glee to record covers.

Many of them are great and some are just out there and done for fun like Bruno Mars performance of “Part of Your World.” ABC, over the course of the initial quarantine, had two Disney Family Sing Along specials, that really felt desperate at times. Fortunately this isn't the case all around as there have been amazing covers from many artists.

Part of Your World - Carly Rae Jepsen (2013)

The cadence of Carly Rae Jepsen’s voice makes her version of “Part of Your World,” different from the likes of Bruno Mars and Halsey. It brings Ariel to life with a more humbling approach than Halsey’s more mature sound. Carly Rae - at the time of recording and release - had a lovely charm to it with the subtle raspiness.

A Spoonful of Sugar - Kacey Musgraves (2015)

This fun country twang - twist on "A Spoonful of Sugar" from Mary Poppins is delightful with Kacey Musgraves, warm and endearing voice. It is as if she was tutored by the legendary nanny herself. It’s playful tune makes it feel like the pregame before the hoe-down really gets going. The way it starts to escalate in speed has these cowboy boots worn from all that square dancing.

I Wan’na Be Like You - Los Lobos (1988)

The Lobos come in with their groovy chicano rock flare to spice up the jaunty jazz tune made legendary from Louis Prima. It’s off color approach brings new life to the already swinging tunes of Mr. Prima himself.

I-2-I - Peter Hollens and Stuart Edge (2015)

Usually covers are done within the confines of a studio or an intimate and somber setting. Peter Hollins and Stuart Edge bring in a flourished and fun rendition of the Tevin Campbell - Disney hit “I-2I.” Hollens has made covers throughout the years and hit with a melody of "Stand Up / I-2-I / After Today" in smooth and glorious fashion. The heightened rock flare adds new levels to the R&B smash hit. It may be cheating considering he combines three tracks to create one melody, but his range is enough to take this to sky.

Rainbow Connection - Weezer Feat. Hayley Williams (2010)

Due to the acquisition by Disney, most things have become Disney like how Fox’s princess Anastasia is now a Disney Princess too. Rainbow Connection has always been a relative go-to as it’s simplistic acoustic strings and ranging vocalization. But River Cuomos and Hayley Williams bring a unique charm to it that has only been heard since Kermit. The harmonic vocals and melodic strings makes this feel catered to them so they could shine.

Cruella Deville - The Replacements (1988)

This snarky theme song from 101 Dalmatians gets a smooth raw punk-garage-rock feel. It authenticity adds more to the character's dynamic if they made a broadway version of the story.

Almost There - Anika Noni Rose & Chloe x Halle (2020)

One of the rare covers that felt genuine was this rendition of the leading track from The Princess & The Frog. Chloe x Hallie adds eloquently youthful harmonies that elevates the jazzy instrumentation.

Honorable Mention:

Wynonna - Burning Love (2002)

Though not an original Disney song - remade/covered, Disney did get Wynonna Judd to perform an electrifying rendition of Elvis' Burning Love for the soundtrack to Lilo & Stitch. It's fierce and electrifying adding a new dynamic to the already great Elvis record.

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