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Flower Face: A Hidden Treasure in the Music World.

Independent artists, there are plenty, but at the same time not all make unique stamps in their base genre. Some artists can’t pass that threshold and others land and stay in their own realm of mediocrity. This is prevalent in a new trend of ambient - synth pop that feels like different from the conventional. Flower Face, however, weaves an operatic - low synth ambient pop that ranges from acoustic to spacey.

Flower Face is a solo project conducted by the incomparable multi-instrumentalist - Ruby McKinnon. Her music's intricate details is coded inside luminous strings and pianos, amongst others.

The acoustics that derive from her music add a cadence to the ambient - operatic choral that breaches echoes in a huge room. Her voice comes as a soft falsetto and the two, though different, illuminate the room. From slow tracks like “Honey & Milk,” and “Angela,” to the more pop rock styled - “Hangman Hands,” her touch brings the life to what would be otherwise standard acoustics that come to light in some of her work.

Her music is profound with intimate melodies too. “Cigarette and Champagne,” weaves the intimacy in her voice with a unique chamber pop ballad on her album Fever Dreams. Though her music does escalate with maturity in quality on Baby Teeth, there is something about the former that feels refreshing.

2020 has been a progressive year for Flower Face with the amount of depth that the instrumentations add with new sounds. “The Garden,” adds more to the eloquent acoustic guitar with ambient harmonics.

She hasn’t past the threshold of the mainstream line, but it doesn’t seem like that will eventually become her niche. Flower Face has the capabilities to grow in her right and establish herself as a force in the indie music stratosphere.

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