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TheButcher973: New Jersey's Very Own Up and Coming Star.

Artists are a cornerstone definition of the meaning - never judging a book by it’s cover. Whenever someone recommends an artist the brain has an initial instinct to whether they have interest or lack thereof due to it. Before listening to DaBaby there was initial bias - base disdain due to it sounding so juvenile. But when TheButcher973 came on this radar, it almost flew by me.

There was obvious representation bias that didn’t leave pressing that play button with any doubt. And fortunately he is one of many independent artists that are excelling in the new melodic hip hop trend.

His releases, dating back to 2018, have shown him to be a semi-vocal chameleon as the delivery just flows through him naturally. Whether he is harmonizing on a chorus or switching flows mid verse the swagger and charisma he brings elevates the music to higher pedestals.


As TheButcher973 mentioned through conversation we had about his artistry, he has been influenced by five particular artists whose style can be heard at times in his music.

Those artists being:

Michael Jackson



Billy Joel

Linkin Park

Though many artists are influenced by varying genres and sounds, it’s worthwhile to see how they translate into the work. And for TheButcher973 it is oddly unique, in a positive way.

The resonating factor in his verses have always been akin to the realism and punchline like bravado Nas and Eminem were known for at their heights. His smooth baritone / falsetto-like melodies take notes from the piano-synth heavy pop-rock 80s Joel and Disco-Era Michael Jackson. Though these comps are used loosely, the influence shows little by little as the songs begin to bring more into the stratosphere. In turn it creates sonically ambitious and vibrant work for the mind.

It’s through the approach of mixing the melodic sounds resonant of his influences past and current with the rapping that exemplify his artistry. It’s a polished equilibrium that will definitely grow and eventually, hopefully more bombastic.

But it’s through this approach where he goes to reel in a universal market with songs like “Payroll,” and “Been Dirty.” It brings more flavor than anything Fetty Wap did after his first major hit.

His recent outing on Hot97 allowed him to redefine himself for the world as someone you shouldn’t sleep on. It was - in a sense - like when the world lost it that time Wayne Brady killed Sway’s Five Fingers of Death. Or the hiphop community becoming bamboozled by JuiceWrld’s Tim Westwood freestyle. Here, TheButcher973 does similar, but it leaves us with the notion that he has nothing to prove. He is just going about it as a reminder for the world - he is coming and he is hungry.

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