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6ix9ine - Tattletales: Review

One of the many things about being a critic is avoiding usages of first person wordings and thus it has come to break that and tell you about this new 6ix9ine album, TattleTales. When 6ix9ine came back with his first single “Gooba,” a loud and obnoxious track the way 6ix9ine knows how to. There was an initial hype slowly starting to bubble within my brain, as it seemed like he still has some musical direction.

But with the influx of new singles, it was one thing that 6ix9ine actually made songs with unique and interesting instrumentals. Even when it isn’t all there…. He has this tendency to try too much without figuring it if it will work and at times when it works, like on “Locked Up Pt. 2.” And when it doesn’t work it is a tone deaf Spanish language track (“YaYa”) that has no substance to it and a real ear sore.

For the most part 6ix9ine continues to deliver nonsensical bars about the small demographic that actually wants to be like him and understand him. Like on “Tutu,” where his confidence is too high and the music video itself doesn’t really drive it home. It’s almost like… no it is a horrendous and disingenuously colorful homage to Mad Max and Fast and Furious.... I can’t. It’s a choppy and rough instrumental that was poorly mixed and matches that with “Punani.”

TattleTales is utter crap. I’m sorry, there is no nice or complex way to say this album is like the shit stain from swamp ass on the world of hip-hop. It’s commendable to say he is making his own unique music and creating his own brand, but he isn’t smart enough to be anything new. As he continued his life post-trial, he hasn’t changed much and it

The only rewarding aspect of the album is the slightly eclectic instrumentations here and there.


In all honesty, 6ix9ine had smart marketing tactics that drowned in the swamp rather quickly. Before it was more correct and worked, but now he is taking it to another level. Being on witness protection and house arrest isn’t being invincible and the album’s lack of a moral compass is lost and everything becomes forgettable. For his fans, there is admiration for finding something to genuinely find indulging in his music/character. But there is nothing that he hasn’t done before and TattleTales just isn’t refreshing… like most of his music throughout the years.

It’s a draining experience that isn’t as rewarding as the life money gives you. Don’t listen to Eminem, who on Letterman said it buys “Crazy Ass Happiness,” because it is daunting.

This may have been a half assed review and with personal distaste and confusion on what happened, but that is what 6ix9ine delivered and him getting a ten million retainer after prison release is still another mystery for another day.


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